Connecting you to key people in the video games industry

Connecting you to key people in the video games industry

Finding a New Business Partner Can Be Hard, but it Doesn’t Have To Be

We connect game studios with publishers and investors

Our Approach

Representing Games connects you with relevant business partners in the video games industry. Over the course of up to 6 months, we enable you to succeed with your project.

Our Process

We start with a review of your pitch materials, then define a market approach, select potential partners, reach out to them, keep them up to date and connect you if there is mutual interest.

Enabling success


Gaming has never been more mainstream, the number of games is growing, and the total revenue is at it’s all-time high. This also means that competition is growing, and standing out has become more difficult without the right partners.


Publishers and investors receive multiple pitches a day, varying in quality but all ending up on one pile.

Standing out by talking directly with the right person, makes you end on top more easily.


Finding the best fitting partners, by reaching out to the key decision makers directly, by a company that they associate with trust and quality, is essential to get noticed in today’s market.

Why work with us?

Representing Games is a division of MeetToMatch, and actively connects developers to key people in the video games industry.

Experienced connectors

Connecting people on the business side of the games industry has been our core activity for over 10 years, and it’s what we are best at.

Huge network

With an extensive network of >25.000 industry professionals, containing >1.250 publisher and investor contacts, finding potential business partners will be fairly straightforward.

Event presence

The MeetToMatch team provides its services to >50 B2B game events annually, allowing us to stay on top of the current needs of the market.
Road To Success

Refining your story

We analyze your pitch materials and messages, and provide you with feedback that helps increase the effectiveness of our combined efforts.

We create a selection of potential partners, based on your preferences and our recommendations.

Selecting partners

Reaching out

We reach out to the key people at the potential partners we jointly selected by sharing your pitch materials and messages.

After the initial outreach, we will continue the search for new potential partners and update existing connections with project updates to gather more interest along the way.

Updating partners


We introduce you directly to any potential partners when there is a mutual interest, it’s up to you to explore the next steps in more detail.

Now it is time for you to make the deal. We support with our market insights and best practices to help you finalize the deal.

The deal

Current and past partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Representing Games different from a regular agency?
We specialize in what we do best: we are connectors in heart and soul. Our very extensive, global and up-to-date network makes it fairly straightforward to find potential business partners. We select and help you get in touch with those potential partners effectively, after introductions we will hand the follow-up process back over to you.
We have a project that does not involve funding or investment, can you help us?
Definitely! Please plan a free initial meeting with us to explain what you are looking for, or contact us to ask for the options using the contact form below.
What costs are involved?
None up front! We work with a developer-friendly no-cure no-pay based structure – meaning there’s a commission in place for us, only if we enabled a publishing deal for you. A win for you is a win for us! For specifics please reach out to us.
You create all materials of your project and company (eg. descriptions, videos, decks), and if needed we provide you with feedback to make changes so that we can do our outreach work best.
We don’t share any details about your work which aren’t publicly available before we decide to work together. During our partnership we will need to share your materials with relevant potential business partners in consultation with you.
What do you ask from us?
To effectively focus our efforts on what’s best for you and achieving the goals that we’ve set, we need to be your exclusive partner for a project. We also need you to be actively engaged in our partnership, we give and expect timely input on requests and next steps.

Get in Touch

Any questions or want to explore a potential partnership? Let us know! Send us your question,  your pitch deck or other details about your project and our team will respond or schedule a call to discuss your request in more detail.

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